Our Mission


the mission


We made the enayball not just because we believe art is a human right, but because we believe amazing art can be created by people in wheelchairs. Most products for people with disabilities are dull and utilitarian and this is our first step in challenging that.


who we are

We are Eli and Pete, two designers and friends with a passion for inclusive design.

We’re working towards having a finished product, ready for purchase and workshop use by the beginning of 2020. We’re also excited to begin creating a creative community around the enayball, to connect and inspire disabled artists.

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The enayball story

The enayball project began in January 2015 during our time at Brighton University. We teamed up with other Product Design students George, Benson, Emmanuel, Ben and Theo and produced a bespoke painting device called the enAball. Together, in collaboration with the Sussex MS Centre, we developed it into a functional prototype and ran a successful six person enAball workshop with Draw to Perform Festival. The team graduated in July 2018 and disbanded to pursue different design careers. Eli and Pete formed a design partnership and chose to take the project forwards, resulting in the new (and differently spelt) enayball.